CMS Rebrands to Ardent to Reflect Arrival in the CCUS Arena

CMS Rebrands to Ardent to Reflect Arrival in the CCUS Arena

Houston, TX  – Advanced membrane technology company Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) today announced that it has rebranded to Ardent Process Technologies (Ardent).

The new name and brand reflect the company’s next chapter as an innovative, high-growth company, ardently committed to accelerating decarbonization and transforming the global industrial and energy landscape. 

This announcement comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that the company had delivered the first of three pilot rigs that will be commissioned this year to demonstrate its carbon capture technology with leaders in the petrochemical, steel, and kiln industries.  

Membrane chemistry: the Ardent advantage for cost-effective, energy efficient carbon capture

Ardent's advanced membrane solution is poised to play a pivotal role in decarbonizing heavy industry by making carbon capture cost effective and feasible for a wide range of industrial applications. Unlike conventional separation methods, Ardent’s Optiperm™ technology harnesses the chemistry of the membrane itself for energy-efficient separation. The result is an energy-efficient, low cost, and fully electrified solution that can be easily installed and operated without disrupting existing processes. This makes the technology cost-effective and feasible for companies in the steel, cement, and petrochemical industries who want to reduce emissions from existing industrial assets. 

Ardent’s carbon capture technology builds on the field validation and commercial ramp up of the Optiperm™ platform, which has been tested in the field in an olefin-paraffin separation pilot with a leading petrochemical company for 18 months. 

Ardent: a new name for a new phase of growth, combining the strengths of a startup and an experienced business

The name Ardent is new, but the company is not. The company, formerly known as Compact Membrane Systems, has 30 years of in-house experience in membrane technology research, development, manufacturing and commercialization for mission-critical industries. In 2023, Ardent raised a series A to commercialize and scale its carbon capture technology, thereby combining the strengths of an established business with deep expertise and established relationships in heavy industry with the rapid growth and momentum of a startup.

What’s next: Partnering with industry leaders to commercialize an end-to-end solution

Ardent has a proven track record of taking new technologies from the lab to the field, partnering with global leaders like Chevron, Pfizer, and Braskem to deliver end-to-end solutions at commercial scale. In the case of its carbon capture pilots, Ardent has partnered with Technip to deliver a high quality, remotely monitored, easy to use system.

“We see Ardent’s compact membrane carbon capture technology has a great potential as an economic solution to decarbonize hard to abate industries such as cement and steel. We’re excited to see the three pilot rigs being deployed to the field and looking forward to seeing the performance and continued scale up of the Ardent technology,”

said Yu Huang, Head of Partnerships & Ventures at Technip Energies.

Ardent is also backed by investment from Pangaea Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, GC Ventures, Syensqo Ventures, and Technip Energies. Ardent has also received funding from the Department of Energy, the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation to develop its technology and from the State of Delaware to expand its facilities.

To learn more about Ardent’s Optiperm™ technology or request click here, or come visit Ardent at the upcoming CERA Week and Decarb Connect Conferences in Houston, TX.