Optiperm Carbon

Reduce emissions with a modular, low-energy, and cost-effective point-source carbon capture solution.
Optiperm™ Carbon Membrane

Decarbonize existing facilities with next-gen separation

Rather than relying on pressure or temperature to accomplish separation, Ardent’s cutting edge Facilitated Transport Membranes harness the chemistry of the membrane itself, significantly reducing the need for compression or large balance of plant. The result is a low energy, fully-electrified, and easy to use solution that is cost-effective and practical for many applications, including those underserved by incumbent technologies.
Over half the cost in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is the capture process itself. Lowering capture costs is the linchpin to unlock industrial decarbonization at scale.
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Low cost & low energy

Ardent's membranes are designed to process large gas flows at low pressure, thus enabling energy-efficient and cost effective carbon capture.
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Low footprint, modular & containerized

The Optiperm™ technology’s intrinsic modularity and high throughput operation enables a highly compact and containerized solution that can adapt to your facility’s spatial constraints.
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No solvents required

Ideal for facilities that don’t want a chemical plant onsite and prefer to avoid the HS&E management and permitting issues that accompany chemical usage.
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Fully electrified

Optiperm™ Carbon is a fully-electrified solution that does not require steam.
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Low risk & practical

Our Optiperm™ platform technology, manufactured using existing membrane manufacturing processes, has been validated in the field in existing unit operations.
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Chemically resistant

Our chemically resistant membranes make Optiperm™ Carbon well-suited for applications with high levels of contaminants.
Ardent's modular & containerized solutions are designed to be compact, retrofittable, and scalable to meet the specific needs of your facility

Adapting today’s infrastructure for a cleaner tomorrow

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Cement / kiln

Our modular solution with no solvents and low energy use is suitable for distributed plants with utility constraints.
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Progressively decarbonize your operations with our modular, fully electrified, low-energy solution.
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Decarbonize your processes to meet the growing demand for low-carbon products with a proven, low-energy, and chemically resistant solution.
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Oil & gas

Begin preparing for tomorrow today. Transition into a carbon management company with a flexible and modular solution that easily integrates into customer operations.
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Blue hydrogen

Our scalable and modular solution makes it suitable for large and small SMR units alike.
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Capture emissions from energy production with minimal draw on produced electricity from a poison-resistant membrane solution that can withstand contaminants.
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Pulp & paper

Deploy carbon capture across all streams in your application with Optiperm™ Carbon’s modular, scalable, and energy-efficient design.
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Our chemically resistant, solvent-free modular membrane solution is well suited to small, distributed applications with high contaminants content in the flue gas.
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Bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration (BECCS)

Capture emissions from energy production with a chemically resistant solution with minimal draw on produced electricity.
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Other flue gas

Optiperm™ Carbon’s flexible, modular, and scalable design makes it well-suited for a wide variety of applications.
Don’t see your application? Optiperm™ Carbon’s flexible design can be adapted to a variety of use cases.
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Proof Points

How Optiperm™ Carbon works
Optiperm™ Carbon captures greenhouse gas emissions by passing flue gas streams through facilitated transport membranes that separate out the CO2 from the other gasses in the stream.

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