Compact Membrane Systems, Inc. Announces Next Carbon Capture Pilot with OMV

Compact Membrane Systems, Inc. Announces Next Carbon Capture Pilot with OMV

Optiperm™ carbon is a breakthrough carbon capture technology that unlocks low cost, low energy, fully electrified, poison-resistant and chemicals-free point source carbon capture

Compact Membrane Systems, Inc. (CMS), a pioneer in separation solutions for low carbon intensity processes, is pleased to announce the launch of a new carbon capture pilot in collaboration with OMV. This project will further demonstrate the effectiveness of CMS's technology in capturing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes in hard-to-abate industries. CMS met OMV after participating in the Verbund X accelerator in late 2022. “The Verbund X accelerator has been a tremendous experience and was an excellent way to meet industrial players who are taking practical steps for near-term decarbonization” says Erica Nemser, CEO of CMS. Under the agreements, CMS will deploy Optiperm™ Carbon membrane technology in a field rig that will capture process flue gas from one of OMV’s incinerators. The pilot will be deployed in Q4 of 2023 and operate at one of OMV’s sites in Europe. It will demonstrate the technology's effectiveness in a real-world industrial setting, paving the way for subsequent phases involving larger-scale demonstrations. Carbon capture is a critical element in OMV’s journey towards carbon neutrality. Stefan Grottendorfer, Head of Subsurface Technology, is convinced that through its modular design as well as reduced energy requirements, CMS’s technology is a promising cost-effective solution to support OMV Group’s decarbonization pathway. In order to further assess the technology, OMV is thus deploying CMS's Optiperm™ Carbon membrane technology in the field. CMS's advanced membrane technology offers significant advantages over conventional carbon capture methods, including reduced energy requirements and footprint and is a fully standardized and electrified, chemicals-free solution. "We are excited to collaborate with OMV" said Nemser.

"These projects showcase the increasing interest in our advanced membrane technology and its potential to achieve practical, near-term mitigation of carbon emissions from industrial processes. We eagerly anticipate working with OMV to demonstrate the performance and economic viability of our technology in the field for hard-to-abate industry."

Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) enables the clean energy transition and improves the efficiency of chemical processing through membrane solutions. Located in Newport, Delaware, CMS provides durable and effective separation solutions in the toughest environments. Founded in 1993, CMS has developed and produced membrane systems for use in transformers, wind turbines, marine systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and bulk gasoline storage, among other applications. CMS’s breakthrough Optiperm™ facilitated-transport technology has been demonstrated in the field several times, and most recently in an olefin-paraffin separation application at a Braskem site, and is now being tested in point-source carbon capture applications in hard-to-abate sectors. Manufacturing and development are performed at our site in Newport, Delaware. CMS’s team comprises of 20 employees with skills spanning across R&D, product development, systems modeling, business development, operations and management. CMS also has a handful of advisors with decades of experience in the oil & gas and membrane industries.


With Group sales revenues of €62 bn and a workforce of around 22,300 employees in 2022, OMV is amongst Austria’s largest listed industrial companies.In Chemicals & Materials, OMV through its subsidiary Borealis, is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions and a European market leader in base chemicals, fertilizers, and plastics recycling. Together with its two major joint ventures – Borouge (with ADNOC, in the UAE and Singapore) and Baystar™ (with TotalEnergies, in the USA) – Borealis supplies products and services to customers across the globe. OMV’s Fuels & Feedstock business produces and markets fuels as well as feedstock for the chemical industry, operates three refineries in Europe, and holds a 15% stake in a refining joint venture in the UAE. OMV operates around 1,800 filling stations in nine European countries. In the Energy segment, OMV explores and produces oil and gas in the four core regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, North Sea, and Asia-Pacific. Average daily production in 2022 amounted to 392 kboe/d. Its activities also include the Low Carbon Business as well as the entire gas business.OMV intends to transition from an integrated oil, gas, and chemicals company to become a leading provider of innovative and sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials, while taking a leading global role in the circular economy. By switching over to a low-carbon business, OMV is striving to achieve net zero in all three Scopes by 2050 at the latest.OMV shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange (OMV) and as American Depository Receipts (OMVKY) in the U.S.

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