Optiperm™ Pilot AT RHI Magnesita

Optiperm™ Pilot AT RHI Magnesita

Global Cement Magazine featured our innovative Optiperm™ technology for CO2 capture in their May issue.

The interview with Nicolas Renard, our Director of Carbon Solutions, and Martin Pischler, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Technologies & Decarbonization at RHI Magnesita, discusses the pilot project underway using Optiperm™ at RHI Magnesita's refractory plant in Austria.

Nic explains how Optiperm™ efficiently separates CO2 from industrial gas streams using specialized membranes. Key advantages highlighted include:

- Simple static system with no complex chemical processes

- Low power requirements - 30-35% less than other technologies 

- Ultra-low water usage 

- Small footprint - one 40ft container can capture 50,000 tons/year of CO2

Martin discusses why Optiperm™ is well-suited for their harsh operating conditions and space constraints at the century-old plant in Austria.

We're excited to work with leaders like RHI Magnesita to decarbonize heavy industry. As Nic states: "There is no reason why Ardent cannot produce enough Optiperm™ membranes to reach the large Mt or even Gt scale in the coming decades."

Read the full interview now to learn more about the potential for this technology to decarbonize the cement industry! https://www.globalcement.com/pdf/3d/gcmay24/index.html?page=18