2024 Ethylene Producers' Conference

2024 Ethylene Producers' Conference

The Ethylene Producers’ Conference brings together professionals, experts, and stakeholders involved in the ethylene industry.

The event will focus on discussing the latest developments, technologies, challenges, and best practices in ethylene production. Attendees include professionals from chemical and petrochemical companies, researchers, engineers, and policymakers interested in staying informed about advancements in ethylene production processes, market trends, and sustainability practices.

  • Date: March 25-28, 2024
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Our team is slated to deliver a series of technical presentations during the event. These presentations include:

We will also be exhibiting at the conference! Come find us at booth #32.

The full list of attendees include:

  • Christine Parrish, VP of Technology Solutions
  • Joshua Olson, Olefins Product Manager
  • Joshua Watson, Technology Solutions Engineer
  • Brandon Burghardt, Chemical Engineer
  • Max Roberts, Chemical Engineer

Contact Information

Christine Parrish


Joshua Olson


Joshua Watson


Brandon Burghardt


Max Roberts